Specifix: Patient-Specific Fracture Fixation

Help us supporting surgeons to achieve the best fracture treatment!

Our revolutionary AI-powered solution transforms patient-specific 3D pre-operative planning for orthopedic surgeons, empowering them to achieve exceptional precision and increase patient outcomes.

Specifix is looking for 300,000€ to become Venture Capitalist ready and go-to-market! We will mainly invest it in:

1. Further co-develop our platform with the best surgeons in Belgium

2. Fine-tune our technology

3. Prepare Medical Device Regulatory submission


The Winwinlening is a subordinated loan that allows Flemish private individuals to invest in Flemish SMEs in a tax-efficient manner. As a Flemish private investor, you receive a tax credit on top of the interest and, in the event of bankruptcy, a guarantee from the government.

Learn more about Winwinlenings from PMV, one and only official organization that manages win-win loans in Flanders.

What is Winwinlening?

The win-win loan is a subordinated loan with a term of 8 years, through which Flemish companies can borrow up to 300,000 euros from Flemish private investors. The interest rate for 2024 is a minimum of 2.6% and a maximum of 5.2% and the investor also receives an annual tax credit of 2.5%. In addition, the investor is entitled to a 30% guarantee on the lost principal sum in the event of failure.

What are the advantages?

Type of loan: Win-win loan
Repayment term: One-off repayment at the end
Interest: 4.5% (gross - before deduction of RV)
Tax credit: 2.5%
Total net return: 45,2%
Duration: 8 years
Deposit: 30%
Minimum investment: €10,000

Maximum investment: €75,000

What is the risk?

Lending to SMEs always involves a risk of capital loss. Fortunately, the following factor that help you assess the risk:
* In the event that Specifix cannot repay the amount, you can recover 30% of the total amount through a one-off tax credit.

Ready to invest?

Thank you in advance for your trust!
These are the next steps:
1. Fill in your contact details via this form
2. We will draw up the loan deed on this basis and contact you by mid-September.
3. You sign the deed and transfer the money to Specifix’s account.
4. We submit the file to PMV
5. Congratulations! You are now officially an investor of Specifix and receive your interest and tax credit annually. After 8 years you will receive the original amount back into your account.

Our software was designed by a surgeon for surgeons, who was aware of the advantages of using 3D technologies but suffered from the limitations of the products available in the market.

That is why he decided to partner with VisionLab (UAntwerp and imec) to develop our core technology, with two proof-of-concept projects which lead to two patent applications thanks to the revolutionary approach.

Specifix spin-off in January 2023. Our complementary and multicultural team, has the perfect combination of medical, technical, and business experience to bring this product to the market.

Dr. Soha Mahdi:

Doctor in Artificial intelligence with expertise in medical applications.

Prof. Dr. MD. Matthias Vanhees:

Internationally renowned Hand & Wrist surgeon, active in research of 3D technologies.

Dr. Alejandra Ortega:

Doctor in Biomedical sciences with experience in the industry of medical devices.

Who We Are

What do we do

At Specifix we are developing a fully automatic pre-operative planning software for patient-specific fracture treatment. Our unique AI-based solution supports orthopedic surgeons in selecting the best implant to use (surgical plate and screws) to stabilize fractures. Our software solves the problem of long surgeries, poor patient outcomes, and reduces environmental impact.

Unlike our competitors, our software is fast and fully automatic, it does not require a specially trained operator which is expensive and time consuming. The surgeons can access the software via a website, making it easy to use from anywhere in the world 24/7.

 Our initial application will be for wrist fractures, but we will soon expand the software to other joints such as the shoulder, knee, and ankle for a TAM of 1.1 million cases/year in the regions where our patent is active (EU and USA).

Supported by

Since our incorporation one year ago, we have received significant (inter)national attention and support from important players in the eHealth ecosystem. Specifix has participated in the Deep Dive into Business by UAntwerpen and AMS, the EIT Health Women Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, and was selected by the prestigious imec.istart accelerator program, recognized as the world's top university-linked start-up accelerator by UBI Global. This esteemed affiliation has provided us with valuable resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to accelerate the growth and success of our start-up. Moreover, we were also selected for the BlueHealth Innovation fund, which together account for 100,000€ for 9% of equity. Furthermore, we have received exceptional support and a convertible loan of 50,000€ from the University of Antwerp.